Photo credit: CacaoMama

Photo credit: CacaoMama

Cacao Spirit

Cacao also known as the fruit of Love. The medicine discovered by the Mayans. A sacred plant medicine working in pair with the Heart of all beings. A beautiful activator for Serotonin (combat stress and activate good mood), Phenylethylamine ("The Love chemical" natural opium called Endorphin), Anandamine (Euphoria state, Bliss), Theobromine (Blood Flow, Brain oxygenation), and Magnesium. Nothing to be compared with Cocoa, which is a dissolution of the Cacao, cultivated in high heat, loosing all its components. 

In simple words Cacao medicine brings:

  • Increased energy
  • Prolonged focus
  • Creativity
  • Blood Circulation & Digestion
  • Heart-Opening
  • Assist meditation & Inner-work
  • Clear any blocked/stuck emotions 
  • Connection to One-self, and Oneness-Self
  • Aphrodisiac 

Cacao ceremonies can be experienced in a Community setting or in a One on One session. We will go through the spiritual journey of the Heart. From transcendental meditation state to freedom expression of movement. Activating Mother Cacao throughout the entire body-self.

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