Photo @CalebHall

Photo @CalebHall

Shine from your heart; Sing from your light.
— Marga Samadhi

Light Language ~ Voice Activation


What is light language?

Light Language or Star Language is the vibrational frequency of Pure Light.

As we are the reflection of Light in Body/Matter. The light Language is the individual vibrational code of your personal perceived Light. It is the voice of your Heart, the essence of your Soul. 

Light Language is a non-definable, non-structural language. It is the pure expression of your Highest Self.


How to speak the light language?

It is innate. Deep encored in you. It is the absentminded sound coming directly from your Throat Chakra, connecting to your Third Eye and Crown Chakra. By expressing the Light Language, we heal ourselves of stored, unwanted energies. We tap in our Higher-Self, and shine the essence of our Soul's purpose. Directly connected to Source, we are able to express and receive emotions, feelings, messages, insights, codes.
It is Pure communication of Truth.

How can you activate your light language?

Through practice. Like learning how to play guitar. We learn one chord after an other. Eventually, we start making a melody. And the melody becomes a song. Once a song, we play it and it plays us.

As a voice activator, I am here to teach you how to play your own melodies and songs. And then, Jam together.

Each sessions follows a deep spiritual journey into the Heart. Letting the Self speak free; unleashing the True Voice of the Divine. Fewer sessions are recommended to continue the practice of the Divine Language.



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