Light Movement

The light movement is the expression of your Higher-Self through your Human body. The light movement is a combination of healing movements. The shape and structure they individually embody, creates a personalized vibration within. Healing deeply stored Karmic energies. Once calibrating the movements in tuned with Source | Divinity, the healing can manifest in and outwards. Healing one-Self, environments, specific beings or intentions. The Light movement is a powerful outlet to Light Workers, Light Healers. Allowing the Healing to operate in a greater magical scale. The light Movement is considered as a Universal dance, regrouping cultures and and timing periods of our existence.

I have had the chance to meet a beautiful Soul Sister, Treneti Sens, founder of "Dance is the Medicine", With whom I've completed a GCT (Geometric Configuration Technique) training. A training activating the Light within, categorizing and memorizing specific movements for deeper healing outcomes. With Treneti I was able to truly embrace my divine healing dance as a Powerful sharing force.


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