Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes.
— Carl Gustav Jung


The practice of Yoga is the mental, physical and spiritual preparation for seated Mediation. Each poses are meticulously shaped to work along the spine, rebalancing our hormonal glands called Chakras, and quieting the mind. After a Yoga practice you should feel peaceful, serene, reenergized, and revitalized.

As a Holistic practice, my classes are focusing inward. Building inner strength and inner awareness at its quintessence. The poses are hold longer for a deeper healing work. As a moving mediation, I build my Vinyasa flow around Pranayama, breath work, opening the third eye and allowing Mind, and Body to be in harmony with the Soul. I concentrate on each poses' alignment, restructuring the spine and developing the right muscles.
The classes are sequenced to work through the entire spine. Leaving you with the sense of Yoga Bliss..


Certified 200YTT in Bali, Indonesia.
+ 200YTT Mentorship in the Sacred Valley, Peru.


Meditation is a focused practice, training the mind in quieting itself.

See your Self as a big powerful mountain, your day to day thoughts are those big heavy grey clouds covering the beautiful mountain. Meditation focuses the mind in the awareness of its breath. Each breath blows away the clouds, one by one. And one day, after enough devotion, the mountain will be clear from clouds and will be seen from miles and miles away.

This is the principle of mediation. It is essential for a healthy mind.

Our day to day routine forces us to use our logical mind called the brain. And very rarely do we actually take time to breathe, sit and let the mind go and feel the heart rise. 
My mediation classes are focusing on self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-teaching. Working in pair with frequencies, I will be raising the beta waves within, to guide you into a deeper meditation state.



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