« Sit still - Breathe

I am here - Ease

Trust in the process - Faith

You are supported - Held

In the arms of the Mother - Be » 

~Ma Parvati Samadhi

One with all

 “When One sees Love in all things. One has become one with all things.”

-Ma Parvati Samadhi

Lovers Heart

 "In every lovers Heart, lay infinite dancing Stars, united by the sharing of the Sacred Breath."

-Ma Parvati Samadhi

The Love I have for you

 “I love you like the sun loves the moon.

I love you like the trees love the rain.

Like the birds love the sky.

And the fishes love the ocean.

One tear drop down the vastness of my heart.

I love you like the fresh smell of roses.

Like the melody of a sweet lullaby.

I love you like my body loves to dance.

And like my eyes love to see.

One Breath in, eternally out.

I love you like no words could ever describe.

I love you like the depth of the universe.

And the black hole that goes nowhere.

I love you like music in my ears.

And soft touches on my skin.

One beat of my heart at a time.

I love you like I’ve never loved before.

A love that is new.

A love that is true.”


~Ma Parvati Samadhi

The fragrance of Love

 « What a blessing it is to live in a human body.

To see, and be seen.

To hear, and be heard.

Love, and be loved.

I AM a child of God.

I AM the essence of his love.

I AM infinite yet I am nothing.

I AM brilliant yet I am shadow.

I AM joy yet tears fall down my cheeks, for the love that I care, with the one I share, my feelings down my chest, open arms I rest.

It is for you that I breathe.

It is from you that I AM breath.

In my heartbeat, I live for the One of All.

In my heartbeat, I sing the melodies of God.

And the wind brushes me down the leaves of my Tree.

I root my roots down the earth of Mother.

And I plant the seeds of my Brothers and Sisters.

I blossom with the light.

And the fragrance that I give back, is the Essence of the Love of God. »


-Marga Parvati Samadhi