Lust and Thus

"Lion's breath upon the Tigressless.

Unstructural body in the formless rest.

The flowers grow the thoughts to be true.

And the wind, the clouds of expressiveness.

Once the sun colors the shadows with sweetness.

Light comes together as a powerful hallow.

Then the seeds can spread, and the water flow.

The speed of eternity begins the follow the course of unlimited life itself.

To the story telling of united oneself.

Till the shimmers delegate the work to be done. 


One by one, together it creates.

The bigger picture of our Holiness.

And the design changes shapes,

continuous as it says.

From one circle to another.

The spirals are done to the stillness.

Calm remain eternal.

And the sounds of disruption useless.

To the advancement of the unity.

Breathing it deeply.

And the core related to you and me, shortens to infinity.

Leaving lust and crust, bones and dust, to sparkles of Thus."


-Marga Samadhi