Shedding layers

"From the roots of emptiness,

comes the great fortune of unlimited trust and wildest musts.

From the darkness to the light,

and the sky up to heaven.

The long walk is yet to be shared alone.

Shedding layers of our serpent skin,

to the Puma ragging.

It will guide us to the Open skies,

where the condor supervises.

With the light of the Moon.

Shinning on the way to the great protector.

Where there is no pain, 

and where Love rises to the white Lotus and the petal roses.

Shooting stars celebrating the death, undercover of the new born.

Completing the circle of life.

Living up to the immortalize.

When One become Zero and Zero unifies.

Shapes won’t matter, and matter will transmute,

to where nothingness becomes something less, 

than is ever been before.

Only One note will reside,

and that note will be greater than you and I.

Om it will be for eternal light you’ll see."


-Marga Samadhi