Christmas Eve

“On this special day you are the One.
On this special day you have arrived.
On this special day we celebrate your life, and your story.
On this day you manifested.
Showing us what Love is.

You my angel.
You my spirit guide.
Whenever I call Love, Compassion, Devotion and Generosity.
I call upon you.
Because you are the embodiment.
And you are always here with us.
At every moment. You are here with us.
You show us to Love.

Love one another.
No matter what our lives are.
No matter what we do.
We are and will remain Love.

Today as a special day.
We get to gather in unity.
In the name of remembrance.
Let’s then remember some of our brothers and sisters who are missing a family to Love them. Who are missing a warm meal to feed them.
Who a missing a warm home to host them.
Today, let’s send our prayers to those beloved ones.

Because today as a very special day.
So let it be a Today like all the other days.
May Love, Compassion and Generosity, be a given right to each one of us.
Today, tomorrow and till the end of time.”

Hare Jesus. Hare Shiva. Hare Krishna. Hare HaShem. Hare Allah. Hare Buddha. Hare. Hare.
Om Shanti Om


-Marga Samadhi