I am that you are

"I am Divine.
I am Magic.
I am God's Creation.

I am at the service of all beings.
I am everything.

Let me be Free.
Let me be at your mercy.
Let me be what you decide me to be.
I am free of desires.
I am that I am.
I am that you are.

May I be what it is.
May I manifest as the manifestation.

Let you decide for me what is there to be.
I am that I am to be.
It is all it is.
From what it is, to what it shall be.
Let it be free of form.
Let it be what it is.
Let it free.
Let it.
What it is, for what it is to be.

I am at your service for what I am to be.
And till I am what I shall be.
I will be.
That I am.
That it is.

And it will be that it is.
For all there is to be.
It will be till the end of what is and what it shall be.
It will become all what it is.
For all there is to be.
Within me there is.
What I am to be.
There is.
Till I become what I became to BE."


-Marga Samadhi