It is what it is to be.

"Let the heart beat the music of your soul.
Free as it flies in the Matrix of the Mind.

For all there is to be, it will be, till what it has to be.
The manifest of what is to become, at a time to when it has to be.
For the time being, it will remain what it is to be.
And for the rest of time, it will be what it is to be.

It is what it is.
For what it is to be.
With all its form.

Look at what it is.
Not at what it should be.
Because it has become the way it shall be.

The beauty within it.
It is what it is.
And shall become what is.
For as long as it is, and has been.
It will forever-after last the being that it is to be.

So grasp on the being that it is.
Let the freedom of it is.
Be the freedom that it is.
You are what it is.
You will what it is.
You am what it is.

Till the end of time, to what it shall become, to what it is, and what it shall be.
The magic of what it is to be, when it should be, what it shall become.

It is what it is, till the end of what it shall be.
Let it be free from what it is to be.
Let it be what it is to be.
Because it is what is shall be, and never will be what it has been.
With the change of what it is.
It embraces what it has been before.
It is.
And so it is.



-Marga Samadhi