Now I awake

"I’ve been trained not to feel but to fear.
That crying was a weakness and envy standardness.
I’ve been told I need to learn from books and that inner wisdom was presumptuous.
I’ve been referred as being a human among others, and not being the center of the universe.
I’ve been advised to fight in order to get, to be harsh and compete in order to succeed.
That life’s arrays are monetary carriers, and passions only habits.
Love is jealousy, insecurity, and pain normalization.
That our questions will never get answered, and we shall live from the great oppression.
Now I awake, erasing my patterned believes. All that I got told sets aside and all that I know rises and shines. 
Now I feel and not fear;
I cry without envy.
I learn all that is left to learn, from within, listening to my “presumptuousness” as my inner wisdom.
I am the center of universe, in a shape of a human among other humans.
I do not fight, nor be harsh or compete, I am steady, determined and committed to my life’s success, because my passions has become my arrays.
Love is, and love will always be. And pain only the attachment to jealousy and insecurity.
All my questions shall be answered and from my freedom I shall live.
Now I awake, building my own beliefs patterns, and all that I know shall brighten and climb."


-Marga Samadhi