Morning Glory

Ain't the manifestation of a blooming day, but a radiant beam of light piercing through the wet grass and early morning mist.
I feel you gently warming my skin with your golden light, and building inspiring thoughts, that I will carry throughout the day.
At every morning when I awake I think of you.
And when I do not see you, I regret for the rest of my day.
You are in every one of my thoughts.
It is with you that I breathe.
And no matter how tired I am, no matter how crisp I am.
You are here, rising bright and early, calling me to awake from my dreams.
You are so gently showing your head up, through the mountain top.
This hallow of glory that you carry.
And with my day you elevate me.
With my day you generate me.
With my day you are breathing me.
I can’t tell you how much I honor you.
You are my clock and I am your time.
So fearlessly and unconditionally, 
You are beside me.
And when you decide it is time to shine on the other side.
I am here with you wishing you well.
I celebrate your day like no other.
I dance the dance of Love, in an attempt to pursue you.
Because I know you are watching, and I know you are caring.
At the last glimpse, it tickles all the way through my toes.
Implanted in the warm grass, I allow you to go.
And you are up for an other day.
Of pure glory and the other side of the planet.
They will celebrate you as much as I do.
Without any regret of having you beside their dew.
You shine bright through their window shades.
And with your golden light, they awake from dream state.
It is an other day for you, while it is night time for me.
And I can assure you, that even during my sleep, I think of you.
Dreaming about the time I will see you again.
Knowing that it will be sooner than later.
Because here time feels like eternity, but your presence remains to infinity.
I love you to the moon and back.

This letter is for you my dear.
With my words of your velocity,  my gratitude is beyond an identity.
Know that at every breath that I take, and every step that I make.
I think of you.
Till the end of my time here, I will see you shine nice and clear.
Through my two eyes and shaped head.
I know it is you and no-one else.
Because you are here with me and supporting me.
Giving me energy without any restraint.
Your light is made out of pure Love
And I will never reject myself from your pure Love.
I and will desire you entirely.
And am with you till eternity.
Be free. Always with me.


-Marga Samadhi