"Moving towards the uncertainty of the great mystery of the unmanifested Question of all.

Where did it all start? Who, What, How?

This question has been longing in our corrupt minds and supporting out hurt hearts.

It is time to listen, and hear the answer of the Gods.

They speak as you speak.

They ask as you ask.

The detachment enables the great listening of the wind blow.

It is not from your ears.

It is not from your eyes, that you will know.

But deep within your heart, that the beat will dance the somewhat, somehow satisfying answer.

With that answer you will create a reality of divers realities.

And within those realities you will live beyond the flesh of your bones.

Beyond the words of your thoughts.

You will be the Presence of it all.

You will become All.

With one, and only one breath, the unity will gather in time and space, and the vibration will break down the barriers of our co-created ideas of life.

The illusion of your own birth will no longer remain and you will become free of shape and form.

You and only you will succeed in this process.

Because you and only you are the plant blooming from the seed itself.

The flower and essences, will cover the deep bitterness of our humanity, and will levitate the core of our common destiny.

Fly above yourself.

Let your senses float to the skies.

And the flickering of the stars will shine upon your journey back home."


-Marga Samadhi