"When green touches the Green.

When Love touches Love.

And gentleness embraces gentleness.

Then it has been shared.

It has been paired.

The connection is sealed, and no disruption can abide.

Only the light can run, and travers through the unlimited time and space.

And the divine shadows shall dissipate into the fluffy white clouds that the sky winds off the mist of the water flow.

The power of the courant moves the seas, and storms the Moon light.

Their bodies crumble, stumble. Crack open to the mystery of their destiny.

Then the blind becomes the wise, and the wise elevates to the Gods.

Shining the purest light of all. Illuminating the grey winds. 
Letting a beam of direction shimmering on the last question, that seams to vanish with the stars and leaving the planets astonished of the great work we have done.

Beyond what the books had said.

Beyond where we belong.

Rewriting the faith of the new era, of the ever-lasting, ever-changing terra de terra."


-Marga Samadhi