Eclipse apocalypse

"Life is a short stand, where adventures await to be taken.

Half way through the long road, you can’t ever feel abroad.

Because life is home stay, and experiences are here to say.

That your are on the right track, to the unmanifested slack.

Of your divine faith, and your magical breath.

The planet is your ally.

Keep on reaching out to it, and you’ll forget the “I”.

And I will become We.

And We will become I.

It is only when this will be, that our united faith will be liberated.

From the manifested fate, of our karmic choices as a human race.

And then, we will be where nothing is something,

and where our something will become nothing.

Only then we will be free.

For as long as time can be.

Trust the voice of your heart, and scream it out loud to the open court.

We are here to listen to your words of freedom.

We are here to celebrate the Outcome.

So trust. 

Trust the universal guidance, that your body is asking to dance.

And within these movements of liberation, you will become one with our Nation.

And Nation will no longer be captivation.

A greater sense of liberation will come out of the friction.

You’ll see the mountains rise up to the sky, and the sees flow to the clouds.

And from one Big Bang, the cause of suffering will end.

Humanity will no longer be, and energy will embark on its long mission to creation.

The God’s of all Gods will shine, and all will settle to a fine line.

Of perfect stillness.

Where breath will blow sparkles of light.

And you, me, we, will become so bright, that colors will no longer be a distinction of our limited vision.

White will only be what we see and all that we’ll be.

And this will only be the beginning of things.

The ascent to where we belong.

The coming back to where we’ve began.

One will be one again, and zero the master key."


-Marga Samadhi