My Heart to yours.

"Letting the space in between the words.

The silent is my soul speaking to yours.

The stillness of my body, is to show you how much it appreciate yours.

I can feel the essence of our future creating a beam of divine healing into the world.

You my sweet one, are special.

To the point beyond what you can even imagine.

But I see.

I see you so clearly.

Your eyes shines Understanding.

Your voice Confidence.

and your touch Love.

You are a Child of Birthing place.

You are the Unlimited Power.

You are the star illuminating the Sky.

Up and over the rotating Sun.

My Moon to yours,

I let the blood of my being flush away disillusion.

And give back to Mother Earth, as a set companion.

You are Light.

And the shadows of my Soul catch upon your Wisdom

And grows.

Grows to a point of Nothingness and Expendness.

Where we gather as One, once again.

Hand in Hand.

Heart to Heart.

I melt into you so profoundly.

I become you so lovingly.

I and You.

And You and I.

We are I and You.

Till what is yet to come.

I let it fly in the air brushed falling skies."



-Marga Samadhi