Red Magnetic Earth

"Falling into the Light.
Feeling the unlimited powers of Love.
I am Unconditional Love.

I am here to seal the Matrix of Navigation.
I unify in order to Evolve.
And One as my Power Source.

I am the synchronicity of all things.
I bring Unity to the Everythingness.

I feel as One.
And I am One.
One with You.
I feel You.
I am You.
With a profound elevation of Oneself.
And the continuous search for Communion.

I am the Wind.
I receive before it has been sent.
I Predict.
I Master.
And I Trust.

I am guided by my own Power Double.
Of one’s entitled Being-Self.
With a Magnetic Tone of Purpose.
I let it project me to the Realms of intensifying Radiance.

I grow as I go.
Determined by the flow of the wind blow.
In my ears I hear.
The Sacredness of your Wisdom.
So wise, and so wide.
Ever growing, and ever charging.

With the Nothingness of all things.
I feel.
I am here.
I am here.
With you.
I am here.

I ager your attention, and deserve ascension.
In reverence of my devoted Service.
In a long committed vice.
I Source.

And let the unquestionable unrest me.
With the servitude of my thoughts quieting.
In the stillness of my Being.

I am here.
I sit in the quiet space.
In the loneliness desired.
I call in Oneness.
And Wholeness.

I whistle in the name of the Condor.
Watching from above.
Guiding the melodies of the growing trees within me.

I seed Life.
And I seed Love.
I give birth to unlimited warmth.
Within you, I love.
Within you, I Light.
Nurturing my Soul to yours.

I am here.
With You.
I am here.
For You.
I am here.
From Me to You."


-Marga Samadhi