Rooted Trees

"In the Stillness of your Divine Being.
I flow through your Heart beating the waves of pure Love.
You are the One I manifest into.
You are the Angel of my Prayers.

Thank you for your existence.
Thank you for each of your Breath.
And every awake you create.

You are the devotion of Aliveness.
For Us.
You extensionalize the communion of the Collective One-Self.
You are the missing part.
The finished birthing Divine Child.

In the movement of your body with mine.
We harmonize to the Dance of Love.
The Light dispersed in the fields of our Mystery school.
Merging in the container of new Beginnings.

We are the Students of Life.
We are the Teachers of our desired answers.
Speakers of Truth.
Inspiring Seeds of Rooted Trees."


-Marga Samadhi