The Fears are not mine to Be.

"The words are flowing out of me like the wind blows in the greenest trees.

The leaves and the sap, the bark and the rooting roots down the Earth of Mother Universe.

I am in the depth of your core as long as I need to be.

You are the supportive armor I receive from your warmth I deceive.

The ants crawling on me, like the thoughts of my compatriots turning me down.

I am my own living form and I know that I will grow taller than all of the other trees in the forest.

Because I am healthy as I get older.

I decided to be the strong one.

I decided to be the tall one.

I decided to be the distinct one.

You are fierce.

You are from million of pieces crumbling from the sky down to the stars of your eyes.

You are the light of your own being as bright as the shooting stars.

Guide me to the direction of my destiny.

I am following my Dharma.

I am on the right path.

And I know.

Oh I know, that I am as powerful as I know to be.

I have no doubt that can distinguish my faith from my unstructured fears.

Because those fears are not mine to be.

They have been put on my way to show me how strong I can be.

They have been put on my way to show me how devoted I can be.

I am the commitment!

I am the devotion of all loving force on this Planet Earth.

I am the growth of your Spirit within each one of your breath.

I wonder, and ponder to when you will awake to this beautiful dream we have imagined.

Your imagination kid, is the strongest power you can have.

And work it through.

Share it through.

You are the dream.

As big as it can ever be.

You are the mountain rising up above the clouds of my sorrowing soul from the hurt you have received.

You my child are the one and only.

You my child are my beloved. 

My sweet and Divine one.



-Marga Samadhi