Down my chest

 “I am sinking into the sorrow of non-acceptance of oneself.

The work is yet to be done.

It runs in circles.

Biting tail to tail.

And hurt to hurt.

The awake isn’t near enough to gasp on the riverside.

Deeper and deeper.

I sink.

Deeper and deeper I shrink.

Into the realms of misconception.

The realms of misinterpretation.


I call in steadiness.

I call in restfulness


The work to be done as a continuous choir of black and white.

And the distance between the half and full.

Harmony becomes disharmony

And unity disunity.

And it is only in the separateness that the understanding of oneness appears.


From the darkness to the fullness.

I see the Light.

Brighter and brighter I see the Light.

And it navigates me to the realms of infinity.

When past doesn’t exist, neither future.

But it is here that everything is created.

In this very own moment of ones breath matching the heart beat of broken bones shredding the layers of my dead skin.

I release the blood relating.

I let it crystallize to millions of pieces down to the core of the glacier stronger.

I let my being vanish into the flames of my destiny.


And I fly.

I fly high up to where time and space are one big dot unifying the stars aligned into the cosmic astrological face of our concerned thoughts.

I let it be.

Now, I let it be.

Without worry, I let it be.


Down my heart crying.


Down my chest burning.





-Marga Samadhi