New beginning and...

“I can feel you in my bones.

Vibrating in every cell of my body temple.

As my throat opens, and my Heart reaches high.

I surrender into you, and all that you do.

Let me be the servant of your desires.

Let me be the the wings of your flight.

And as a pillar, I stand strong, catching you when you fall.

I take your hand, and we fly so high.

Not looking back, but remembering it all.

Together we rise, like the rays of the Sun in the sky.

So glorious, so presumptuous.

Because we deserve it all.

From the fall to the flight.

From the storm to the brightest light

I know, we can go so much more into who we are.

And I know we can grow so much more from what we were.

Dancing in the swirling swirls of our infinite spirals.

We unravel one by one, the snails of our sorrows.

Into the eternal liberation of our devoted nation.

We become One again, hand and hand, land to land.

Shooting stars of blissful joy to the new beginning and … .”

~Ma Parvati Samadhi