Little star

 « In the Light of the sky.

Twinckle, twinckle little star. 

With her tight waist and unbreakable faith.

She forges the Earth as her Nest. 

One Breath at a time, she remembers. 

That it all belongs to hers.

The choices she makes, and steps she takes. 

Riples in the most dormant lakes. 

Moves mountains, and pours rains. 

Beats the blood out of her veins. 

One Life at a time, she awakens. 

From the darkest lies to the brightest sigh. 

She comes back to the Star seed she once was. 

Eternal and Maternal. 

She unravels and travels to the center of the spiral. 

She reaches the beginning of the end.

And the end of all beginnings. 

In the Light of the sky. 

Twinkle, twinkle little star. .. »


~ Ma Parvati Samadhi