It is for them that I go

Gentle warmth of your tender eyes.

Noticeable compassion in relation of our hands touching, admiring.

The smell of our connection, infinite to the sky offering the sweet gift of our Love that we share.

Eternally, internally and our hearts beating for one another.

We are all there is.

When our bodies interlace, interface, the doors open to the unlimited.

Inspirative, communicative, affirmative in our words of sweet cooperative.

Life force energy multiplied in multidimensional supply of the vastness test of our human race.

We are all there is

And all there will always be.

Blessed of timeless time spaced between us two, three, and infinite ones.

Diverse, inverse in the mixture of diamond poison, concoction of the juicy juice rolling down my chest beating the rythme of melodic dance of our souls together once again on this plane, chain, pained and gained of life times of lessons of compassion for ourselves and others.

It is a constant recycling, back to back, face to face with our beauty, intimacy, velocity.

Let it be.

For now and ever be.