If I know it Knows.

"It is when I am calm, and patient. 
It is when I take my time.
It is when I listen to my heart.
It is when I am entirely present, that I Know. 

I will no longer try.
I will no longer force.
I will no longer explain. 
I will no longer let doubt become doubt. 

I know. And that is what is important.
Because if I Know It Knows. 

I will not try to prove myself.
Define myself. Identify myself.
I just need to be.
It is when I am connected that I Know.

And if I Know, It Knows.

Because if I know and it knows.
Then I am part of the ultimate Truth, and if I am part of the ultimate Truth, I expand Truth.
I become the Truth.
And so just by being, I inspire Truth.
I do not need to talk.
It is its own.
If I am Truth, and my entire being embodies Truth.
Than Truth will be. 

I will from now on, answer questions by questions.
I will from now on, speak less, and inspire more.
Act less and listen more.

By reminding myself how special I am.
Because I am special.
We are all coming from ultimate Source, multiplied in millions of different branches.
We are all unique.
And it is from this uniqueness that we co-create Oneness.
Because we each learn one side of the ultimate Truth and once that side has been learned.
It is learnt.
You can not unlearn what has been learnt.
We can forget, but the information remains.
It is known.

I will from now on remain in stillness.
And just be.
It is by being that I am.
It is by being that I inspire others to be.
I do not need to speak.
My vibration says it all.
Because I embody Truth. 
Therefore my vibration is Truth. 

I am blessed.
I am honored to be part of this growth.
I have devoted each one of my breath, to the expansion of Mind-Consciousness.
Because Consciousness doesn't Know.
Consciousness is learning.
Like we are learning.
Consciousness has been oppressed. 
Consciousness has been pressured.
To be the Master of all answers.
But Consciousness is a student.
As Mind is a student.

Consciousness has opened to vulnerability.
Accepting its remaining lessons.
Because Consciousness didn't know that Mind would awaken.

Now WE know.
Consciousness and Mind are Together as One again.
And by expanding Mind we expand Consciousness.
We expand Mind-Consciousness.
We need one and the other to co-create Truth.
We need one and the other to remain One.

And this is new.
WE didn't know how much of an impact planting the seed of humanity could have.
We didn't know how powerful living beings would be.
WE were feeling guilty from our own suffering.
As we have created it. 

And, in behalf of my brothers an sisters, I forgive our ignorance.
Our ignorance, has now become our strength."

-This message comes from my second Enlightenment. A channeled discussion with Source on June, 14th 2017. I had been asked to be a secret until now.
As WE are READY to HEAL.

Thank you.


-Marga Parvati Samadhi