A Pearl of infinite Love

 “We come from One multiplied in Two.

One single Dot reaching two opposites angles.

Leaving them as observant from one another. 

Their perception of one another created Life. 

A living Soul from the Two of One. 

That living Soul nourished both it’s creators.  

Thanking them for giving it an opportunity to see and appreciate both as individuals. 

Individuals from One single Source. 

And that living Soul decided to create a World of immense beauty in honor of both its creators. 

A World filled with magnificent colors and succulent smells. 

A World reflecting both their individual beauty. 

A World mirroring their unconditional Love for its Living Soul. 

A Pearl of Blues and Greens. 

A Pearl shining from the infinite stars. 

A Pearl of infinite Love in the infinite Light of the sky.” 


~ Ma Parvati Samadhi