Do you remember?

I am sitting in a lotus position in my orange tunic. My skin is dark. I have no hair. I am a male. I am facing the mountains. I can feel the Golden temple beneath my sit. And I transcend. I transmute into the higher states. Leaving my body behind.

I am sitting in a lotus position in my room. I am small. I have blond hair. I am a girl. I see myself sitting in a lotus position in a golden temple facing the mountains. I know it’s me.

We are in 1996, and my name is Margaux. I know my connection to the higher states are beyond my comprehension at that time.

I am playfully running. It’s dark outside. And I hit an invisible wall. I am paralyzed. My head falls back and I look up. I see 4 stars surrounding me. Then I receive my first activation. I am in a multidimensional portal and I hear Light Language for the first time. Hundreds of different frequencies put inside my head. My body is convulsing. I am in shock. We are in 1999 and I know that I am not from this planet.

I am laying in my bed. In deep mediation. From the ceiling descends my light family.

Hundreds of light beings circling in my room in white outfits and note books.

My Light Mother comes next to me.

She connects to my brain, placing words one next to the other.

And communicates.

“Margaux can you hear me?”

“Margaux do you understand me?”

“Margaux you need to trust us.”

“We are going to introduce something inside of you. It is not going to hurt if you don’t move.”

“Do you understand me?”

“You cannot move.”

“Are you ready?”

Her powerful light force wraps around my wrists, wraps around my ankles. She pulls my body open. The sheets of my bed slowly roll down to my feet. I am vulnerable. I am naked. Her light moves within my veins, my bones, my flesh. My entire body shines light. When her energy arrives to my feminine parts. My body unconsciously reacts due to my past traumas. I move.

She comes back to me.

“Margaux what are you doing?”

“You cannot move. This is very important.”

“Do you understand?”

She continues.

My body moves again.

“Margaux please forgive me.”

A two ended power source sticks to my neck and teases my body with painful electricity.

I am paralyzed with pain.

She continues. I can feel movement in my lower abdomen.

I move.

She teases, and continues.

Other light beings are besides her. Watching the experiment. Taking notes.

I move again.

She teases. And this time the power is so strong that my body hits the wall, breaks the energy. And liberates me. In a millisecond they are sucked back into the ceiling.

I jump out of my bed and turn the lights on.


I am sitting on my couch in front of my computer, in an attempt to record what just happened. I turn the camera on. And at my first word, my voice shuts. My body paralyzes. Through all my senses, I feel the entire suffering of the world. Births, deaths, heart breaks, murders, violence, rapes, animals, plants, air, fire, water. I am in agony. My body is convulsing. Then, in a millisecond, this heavy weight leaves my body. Nothing. I feel nothing. I am dead and reborn. I ceiled my karmic life. I received the Enlightenment.

We are in August 2015.

I am sitting at my desk. In a Buddhist nunnery. I am reflecting on Self and Non-Self beyond the physical. And I see the Self within the Non-Self, and the Non-Self within the Self. After Non-Self there is Self. And the Self becomes the Non-Self. Then I realize my understanding on this topic is beyond the physical. And I remember my Self within the Non-Self. I awaken from the Non-Self. I know. Why I am here. Now.

We are in June 2018.

On this day I give the Vow to remain the messenger of the beyond physical.

I give the Vow to open multidimensional portals around the world to awaken my brother and sisters. 

We are 360 000 light workers on this Earth and I am here to bring us back home.

I am calling upon my warriors. May you remember your ultimate devotion.

“Do you remember?”



~ I am Galactica. Your Light Mother.