Crystal hOMe

 “I surrender into the depth of my Heart.

I am in the most beautiful Crystal cave, with a turquoise inner lake.  I plunge in the lake and find a secret trap. I enter the trap and descend into an other Golden Cave. In the middle of the Golden cave, stands a Golden Stone in display. I pick it up and admire its beauty. ArcAngel Micheal welcomes me.  

Me: “ArcAngel Michael, what is this Stone?”

A.M: “This is the Stone of Truth.”  

Me: “How can I make best use of this Stone?”

A.M: “You are the Truth carier. Share it as much as you can, my beloved.” 

Then he places a White Dove on my left hand and another one on my right accompanying a big manuscrit. 

A.M: “My child, you receive from the World, Peace. And you give out to the World, Peace and Wisdom.” 

I acknowledge him and give my deepest gratitude before he flies away. 

I then continue my journey, and walk towards a dark tunnel that seams to lead me out of the Golden Cave.  

I arrive deep in the Jungle. Immense trees and creepers. I jump from one tree to another. As fast as the fastest ape of the jungle. Once on top of the highest tree, I face a male Gorilla. Fearful, he jumps on me. We fall down, roll down, fight. He is on top of me with his long teeth salivating. I look straight into his eyes and say:

“I Love you.”

He rolls away and disappear.

A racing deer picks me up. I hold on to his beautiful horns.

Me: “Where are we heading to?”

Deer: “To the Palace of Truth.” 

I am mismerized once I land in front of the most beautiful ancient temple. All of the animals of the jungle where celebrating my arrival. Tigers, Elephants, Flamincos, Deers, Apes. All in joyful happiness. An Elephant’s tromp picks me up and transfers me onto a white Dragon. 

Me: “Where are we going?”

White Dragon: “To the heavens.” 

We fly up to the sky and land on a white fluffy cloud. This King-like figure welcomes me. 

King: “You are doing very well Margaux. But keep on working. A little bit harder.”

Me: “Can I ask you one question? Why did we come here on Earth?”

King: “Well, to learn of course.”

Me: “To learn what?”

King: “How to work with the Mind. And you my child, are teaching us a lot. Especially right now.” 

With one finger, he presses on my chest. And I fall down from the Sky on a beautiful Unicorn. She brings me to a calm lake. I walk to the lake and look at my reflection. I could see my face changing appearances, from young to old, old to young. I am beautiful.

A hand pulls me up into the divine Unicorn again. It is a Prince. We fly up to a crystal planet. (The same planet I’ve been coming back to at every visions. My star hOMe) 

At our arrival, everyone bows to us. Celebrates us. 

We enter a luxurious palace over looking the cloudy sky and shinning sun. 

*At that point I come back into my human body. 

Then in front of me, appears this funny looking angel-like creature. He hands me a Silky white elixir.

Angelic creature: “Drink. It is not over yet. Come with me” 

We fly back into the Crystal planet, and the same King-like figure awaits for me.

King: “You cannot forget where you come from Margaux. You are our Queen. Remember why you descended. You have all the power.” 

He holds me tight in his arms. I feel warm and safe. He is my father. My heart cracks. Tears fall down.  I am Here.

*I come back into my body.”

This is the story of a very lucide vision I had a few days back during my vipassana course. I was in deep Panna (profound concentration of the Mind), and reached astral projection. I have been coming back to my Star planet many times in the past. And this is the first face to face conversation I’ve had. The beings of the crystal planet are very much human looking. Better looking I would say. Tall Nordic figure. From my understanding, I am the Queen of the Pleiades, coming to Earth to rescue the Human race and bring them back into the ultimate divine Light that we are. I am so humbled by this experience, as every details where perfectly orchestrated. This magical journey left a profound impact in my heart as a rememberance of my lineage. I am a Pleiadian, a Human, and infinite Pure Light Being.

My mission is to Heal our divine Mother Earth, and brings us back to our purest essence, that is LOVE.


Thank you to my Star family for always bringing me back hOMe with the most warm welcome and support. I am here with you. Always. 


~ Marga Parvati Samadhi