« My flesh is made of your flesh.

My heart beats in your heart. 

How can we not believe we are made out of fusion. 

When you think about it, nothing left this Earth since we got created.

The water you once drank, is pouring down on the mountain bank.

The rivers flowing our hard working sweating. 

Your blood is made out of dirt, and leaves, and birds and trees. 

And the breath we both share, is the breath the clouds dare to make the rain again of your once flair down your cheak, I brush out with my leafy fingers. 

And the stars that I see, are nothing more than the sparkles in your eyes awaken and shaken to the reality we have spoken. 

Don’t you hear the wind calling your thoughts falling, and your heart crying for more loving. 

Lets stand up and rising to the big illusion we once starting.  

Ease. » 


~ Ma Parvati Samadhi