A New Earth

“Relinquish the understanding of your deepest desire. 

Revisite the thought that once moved through your running Mind. 

At last, surrender into the rooted root of your feet soaking in the wet soil of your Divine Mother. 

Shout out the stories of your childhood. 

Dream out the ones of your passing away. 

Drive the rocky road of your colored emotions, and paint the most marvelous painting of the revolution. 

This is the time of renaissance. 

This is the time of relevance. 

You are the Master piece.

And you are the center piece of the last supper.  Where all of the most delicious food is served, and all of your bothers and sisters are filled up to the last gap left in their awakened Souls.

The celebration has started, and the songs of Hope are chanted.

Glorious joy, and victorious hiss on this day of endless jubilation, exhilaration, exuberance, rememberance that we live for this Bliss at every single breath that we take.

We move unto the magic carpet. Waving us up to the clearer sky, where Angel storks are displaying new age, new born into the New Earth.

We say New Earth, because it’s an Earth we’ve never seen before. An Earth we’ve always prayed for. 

An Earth of endless Love, shining from above. 

An Earth as white as the whitest Dove, fluttering from your peaceful Heart to mine.

As we breathe the last breath of our misery.

We release the last sigh of our beloved history.  

We are reborn.” 


~ Marga Parvati Samadhi