Love is a wild One

“Wild, wild,

Love is a wild one.

Speeding into your heart like a racing car on an open road.

Wild, wild,

Love is a wild one.

Sweating tears of joy.

Delivering exponential growth.

Wild, wild,

Love is wild one,

But boy, it’s a keeper.

If you had to choose only one thing remaining with you for the rest of your life.

I would tell you to choose Love.

Love will always make sure to make you happy with unbreakable smiles and late night laughs.

Love will fill your Heart with the warmest warmth and caresse your skin with the softest touch.

Love is a wild one, and Love is a delicate one.

You might think Love can break your Heart.

But the only thing that can rally break it is the illusion of it being breakable.

Love is pure, Love if Full.

Love will bring you places you’ve never been before.

Love will make your body sore.

Love, Oh Love.

I tell you is the only one.

The one staying with you forever.

The one making you stronger.

The one making you better.

Love, Oh Love is a Keeper.”

~Ma Parvati