Just for today, I will let go of anger. Just for today, I will let go of worry. Today, I will count my many blessings. Today, I will do my work honestly. Today, I will be kind to every living creature.
— Mikao Usui


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Cosmic Shamanism


We are Life. Like the trees, the plants, the animals, the elements, we give and receive Prana, Chi, Qi (Life Force Energy). In an every day scenario, we accumulate the environment's energies. From the atmosphere, the land, the people, the foods, the telecommunications, to our thoughts, our words, our actions. Everything becomes an activator.

Not only from our present and future actions, we also carry or store our past actions, from the many past lives we’ve had on this Beloved Earth. Our past Traumas, difficult experiences, and unlearned lessons, can leave a serious wound within our Karmic Soul's Being.

Our body’s shield, then suffers from those un-recycled, blocked energies/actions/traumas, and retain us from living to our full potential.

Cosmic Shamanism, is a practice that cleanses those unwanted energies and reharmonizes, reboots, reprograms the Body, the Mind and the Soul, to its highest Self.

Cosmic Shamanism offerings:

Body and Mind rebalancing

Illness/Disease/Aches recovery

Chakra/Hormones recentering

Highest Self - Light Activation


Matrix Programming

Soul Contracting

Soul Retrieval

Past and Future Life Recollection


Vibrational Sound Healing

Voice activation

Intention Prayer Calling

Home Energy Cleaning


~ Ayra Kira Tura Nidra ~


*Note: Fewer sessions are recommended to clear deeply rooted energies.

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