Sound Healing Sedona
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Photo @EricCharlesPhotography

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Sound Journey

We are vibration. Every action, thought, movement, and breath, is creating a disturbance of the Stillness in all things. Each disturbance has its own ripples in the Mass consciousness. The ripple has its own DNA, identification, frequency. And each frequency has its own resonance, and sound effect. 

A sound journey, is a transcendental journey with multiple sound effects. I will bring you into a deep meditation state, and let you travel through time and space. Passing from one dimension to another. You will connect with your higher Self and heal, learn, teach all that is to receive and give. Coming back into the pure essence of your Soul. Using Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Harmonium, Harp, Native flute, Drum, Chimes, Bells, and the purest instruments of all, the Voice, with powerful Medicine Songs and Channeled Light Language.

Each Journey is specifically sequenced with each participant. As I tune into the collective to handcraft its own personal essence.

You can book a private Sound Journey that will be specifically designed for your personal needs. Or join group, class or events.


Let yourself travel into the dimension of SOUND ~ VIBRATION.


Booking upon request or via airBnB Experiences.
Available every day of the week.

*Contact for more info.