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Photo @CalebHall

It is not how you appear, that you are. But how you are, that you appear.
— Marga Samadhi


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What is spiritual Life-Coaching?


A Spiritual Life-Coach is a psychic counsellor, a spiritual guide. It is someone who will help you find your True Self; Someone who will guide you towards your Ultimate Purpose.

We all arrive at a time of our life where we feel the need to AWAKE, to CHANGE. We start having all those meaningful questions, and most of us don't know where to start, who to talk to, or where to go?

Since I was a child, I have been the TO GO TO of all my fiends/family to answer profound questions. I have been connected to Source since day one, and am able to tap into the Universal Truth in order to find the ultimate answers.

What makes me a Spiritual Life-coach?

I guess the answer is from my experience.

Since I was a child I knew I had an old Soul. I always have been connected to Buddha, and deeply believe I was his reincarnation. I would sit, and meditate in my room from the age of five, and always have been the counselor at the end of class. Classmates, Friends, Family, would all come to me to answer their deepest thoughts.

I always had a very logical mind, and I believe is from living so many lives, that I am able to compare situations as my own. I am highly empathic, highly compassionate. I see myself as a mirror, a reflection of yourself. Whatever is in your mind, whatever is in your heart, I feel it too.

Fortunately, in my life, I've encounter, many difficult situations. A lot of pain, hurt, abuse. Through all of my experiences, I was able to look back, analyze, and understand. In 2014, I had a Buddhist enlightenment. That enabled me, to understand the cause of suffering. And through this understanding, I was able to see the light.

When I look at you, I do not see you as a physical form. I see your Soul. The role of a Spiritual Life-coach, is to help the other in finding their Dharma, their Path.

I recently understood, that we, as beings, do not have a life purpose per se. The only purpose we have, it's to embody the energy that we are. Once you've succeeded in embodying the energy that you are. Whatever you do, will flow in that direction. So your life purpose, is not about what you do, but about who you are. Deep inside.

My only desire, is for you to find yourself.



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